Seeweed Chronicles

Brass to Bass

U.S. Army Airborne combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient, Tyler Siegrest, “Has laid his machine gun rest.” 

After Honorable Discharge from the service, the GI Bill funded Tyler’s schooling at Community College in Scottsdale and Glendale. During college, and with the help of friends and family, he uncovered a new profound meaning and understanding for music. Thus, his journey as DJ SEEWEED began.

Bass Zone

The Beginning

With no previous degree focus in mind, he quickly enrolled in as many music classes as possible. After one semester of training, DJ Seeweed took to the underground circuit in the summer of 2016. Through local raves and house parties he began building his platform.

In 2017 he was introduced to the Scottsdale Community College Disc Jockey AAS Degree Course. 

Here he was led by a fantastic team of instructors and received all the tools necessary for success in the Music Businessincluding:

-Live Performance mentorship from Platinum Award-winning artist Candell “Candyman” Manson.

 -Disc Jockey and Scratch Techniques mentorship from Candyman’s DJ, “The Turntaplist,” DJ Ruthless Ramsey.

-Live Sound Reinforcement and Electronic Music Mentorship from FootKlan DJ Ascension.

-Studio Recording Mentorship from Craig Schumacher and his WaveLab Recording Studio.

-Music Business readiness with the college’s Music Program Director Ron Marshall.

The Foundation

Beyond the basics

Having a foundational understanding of the music business laid out by the College sparked an itch for application. 

DJ Seeweed plus a crew of volunteers and local artists set out to create a near weekly community give-back event called WEIRDnesday. 

The project was designed to give the festival community a complementary outlet during the week. Musicians, visual artists, music companies, dancers, promoters, and other industry professionals would donate their time and gear to the weekly cause. It was a kindling move in DJ Seeweed’s career as it not only created new, but bonded the current networks. It gave new artists (including himself) an opportunity to define their sounds and hone their crafts.

Upon completion of the WEIRDnesday project, DJ Seeweed redirected his focus in creating his first album TRICHOME EFFECT which released September of 2020. With a second album about to flower Seeweed Music plans to move forward with the PlugsLab in Tucson Arizona


What it's for

The Drive

DJ Seeweed gains drive and motivation in from his Daughter Marley, Pup Cortana, Mother, Family, Friends, and of course the loving support of his Dope Militia (fans). 

A natural in any trade and genre, DJ Seeweed can rock a party all night long with an extensive music library.

His Marijuana Induced Sound Waves would best be described as:

Electronic, Reggae, Funk, Soul Jazz and Rap influences with Bass, Dub, Moombah, House, Glitch, Drum and Bass Tempos. Filthy Dirty Ooo LaLa Vibes that are unique to his own.

Major Shows, Venues and Experience:

~Burning Man 2018/19

~Friendship Reunion Las Vegas 2019 

~Full Moon Festival @ Pressroom AZ

~Full Moon Festival @ Ice House AZ

~Full Moon Festival @ Unexpected Art Gallery

~WEIRDnesday project Lead Coordinator

~Hollywood Avalon Lounge

~Bloodfest AZ 

~Good Vibe Get Down 2 & 3

~Club Red supporting Odd Squad

~Bar Smith AZ

~Sidebar AZ

~Loco Patron Tempe

~Solar Culture Tucson

~Fat Tuesday Tempe

~Opening support for Lit Lords

~Corporate and Wedding Events


~SeeStash Clothing


~AZ Creative Relief


~Team Badass Records


~Candyman’s MIK

~SCC Turntablist Lab

~Wavelab Recording Studio

~Walter Productions 

~Intergalactic Entertainment

~Rotary International 

~Ingram Entertainment

People I would
like to thank :

Trichome Effect
Record Support:

~Marley Siegrest Backing Vocals, Cover Art

~Royce D. Choice Guitar

~Craig Schumacher Mix Engineer, Bubble hash Harmonica

~Dj Ascension Mix Engineer

~Jeff King Mix Engineer at Scottsdale Music Company

~Garrett “Tryb” Namenye Mix Engineer

~Aqua the Goddess backing Vox DLSD

~Dakota Hosley for the website and photos 



Special Thanks:

~Candell “Candyman” Manson

~Dj Ruthless Ramsey

~WEIRDnesday Team

~Alan Havir

~Andre Noe

~Ron Marschall

~Blake “Chiief” Jones

~Aramis “Too $ick” Rodriguez

~Logan Basszer

~Connor “Slick Floyd”

~Cody “Nightwalker” Bradberry

~Ricky Spanish

~The Underground

~Dilly and LitTotems for taking me to my first rave EDC 2015

~Nick T. for taking me to my first Underground Rave the next week.

~Team Badass and My Airborne Brothers

~Thy Plug for keeping me sane

~Joey W for making a bass player outta me

~Jack B for hair and beard cuts

~Blake for being dope

~Sean W

~Cousin Zach for being a good friend

~Maggie, Taylor, Dillon, and Madison

~Will and White Mountain Greens LLC

~Kyle, Tyler and Jordain

~The Neelys

~The Revells

~The studio dogs Cortana, Leo and Lilly

~Patty Wagon


~Mary Jane


~Honey Bee

~My Awesome Family

And most of all my Mom, Marley and Cortana!
I couldn't do it without their Love and Support

Seeweed Satellite

Plug In